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Navsari Gujarat Research Centre (NGRC) of ICAR-CIBA conducted a four day training programme on “Brackishwater cage farming of Asian seabass for project associates of Mangrove and Marine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation of Maharashtra from 28th September to 1st October, 2022. Mangrove foundation has been associated with ICAR-CIBA since 2018 and the collaborative research efforts have resulted in demonstration of cage culture technology and pearlspot hatchery for coastal fishers in Maharashtra. The training programme was organized as per the directions and motivation from Dr. K.P. Jithendran, Director, ICAR-CIBA to impart skill development to the project associates on criteria for site selection of brackishwater cage farming in creek, cultural and related aspects,  socio-economic aspects of Asian seabass farming in brackishwater, so as to enable the project associates for successfully implementing the livelihood generation schemes of Mangrove foundation in different coastal districts of Maharashtra. They were provided hands-on training on nursery rearing and grading of Asian seabass fry at NGRC research farm at Matwad and CIBA-STC site at Mendhar, Navsari and on various aspects of cage aquaculture at CIBA-STC site in Singod village, Navsari. Further through field visits and their interaction with the farmers, the trainees were also exposed to various field level performance of brackishwater Asian seabass cage farming such as nursery rearing in pond and cages, site selection for cages, technical issues faced in production and disease management etc., A total of 30 project associates accompanied by Dr. Kiran Male, Assistant Director (Livelihood development), Mangrove Foundation participated in the program. In the feedback and interaction session, the participants expressed their satisfaction about the course content and the way of organization of the training programme. Shri. Pankaj Amrut Patil, Scientist and OIC, NGRC of ICAR-CIBA, coordinated the training programme.