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The Mangrove Foundation, Government of Maharashtra, aims to protect, conserve and manage the mangroves of the State. Under the collaborative initiatives with ICAR-CIBA, the Mangrove Foundation team led by Shri. N. Vasudevan, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Mangrove Foundation, Mumbai, Maharashtra visited CIBA on 16th June, 2017. An MOU for collaborative research and development work was also signed with CIBA and mangrove foundation on 17th June 2017 in a function organised at CIBA, Chennai.

The ‘Mangrove Foundation Team’ accompanied by CIBA’s director Dr. K.K. Vijayan visited Muttukadu Experimental Station (CIBA-MES), which is 30 km south of Chennai on the coastal highway connecting Pondicherry. The Director and scientists at MES received the team and explained the on-going works and various achievements of CIBA in the sector. At Muttukadu, they visited pilot scale feed mill, crab hatchery, micro algal research facilities, fish hatchery and shrimp hatchery. Shri. N. Vasudevan and the team were impressed with the ongoing research in CIBA at several capacities such as cost effective feeds; indigenous hatchery technology for crab, shrimp and many brackishwater fin fishes, live feed, biofloc based sustainable rearing models and Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA).

Followed by his visit to field research station, Shri. N. Vasudevan delivered a talk on “Mangrove ecosystems and its relevance to coastal development and blue economy” organized by the Society of Aquaculture and Fisheries (SCAFi), CIBA-Chennai in the afternoon. In his talk, he briefed the ecological role of mangroves and their role in livelihood of the poorest of poor who depend on these unique natural resources. He stressed the need for conservation of mangroves and options for sustainable livelihood from mangrove ecosystems, such as eco-friendly brackishwater aquafarming, eco-tourism etc. Indicating the CIBA’s strengths in brackishwater farming, he stressed the opportunities of working together of Mangrove Foundation of Maharashtra Government and ICAR-CIBA, Chennai in areas such crab farming, IMTA, GIS mapping etc. Dr. K. K. Vijayan, Director, ICAR-CIBA, suggested the technologies developed by CIBA for brackishwater aquaculture can be suitably adapted for the conservation of mangroves, by providing livelihood opportunities for the rural poor living around mangrove ecosystem, ultimately benefiting poorest of the poor.

Heads of Divisions and Section- In- charges of ICAR-CIBA were present on the occasion. Dr.Jayaram Gowda, Dr. Manjerakar, Shri. P.K.Ghosh from Mangrove foundation participated in the meeting. Dr. T.Ravisankar, Principal Scientist ITM-ABI Unit of ICAR welcomed the gathering and Dr. P.K. Patil briefed the activities of the technology management unit at CIBA. At the end Dr. K. Ambasankar, Principal Scientist, CIBA and the Secretary of SCAFi proposed the vote of thanks.