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On the occasion of 89th ICAR Foundation Day on 16th July 2017 Hon’ble Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri. Radha Mohan Singh released White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Nested PCR kit and a water probiotic CIBAMOX, technologies developed by ICAR-CIBA.

ICAR-CIBA is in the forefront of technology development catering to the needs of brackishwater aquaculture sector in India. To strengthen the indigenous disease diagnostic capability, the institute has developed an improved nested PCR kit for diagnosis of white spot syndrome virus WSSV). CIBAMOX, a water probiotic product has also been developed to mitigate the nitrogenous toxins in grow-out shrimp culture operations ensuring good water quality.

Early and accurate diagnosis plays a key role in effective management of viral diseases such as white spot syndrome of shrimp aquaculture. Institute developed sensitive and cost effective nested PCR kit for diagnosis of white spot syndrome disease. The kit is highly specific and sensitive and detects as low as 20 copies of viral DNA. The kit is cost effective, user friendly and can be used by technicians with minimum laboratory skills. The kit is useful for aquaculture diagnostic laboratories, shrimp hatcheries and academic and research institutions.

In aquaculture ponds, nitrogenous wastes are contributed by uneaten feed and excretion due to host metabolism. The accumulating ammonia concentration may reach up to 4 ppm in intensive culture or even in less intensive shrimp farms that are poorly managed. Microbial nitrification and denitrification process naturally eliminates the nitrogenous wastes accumulating in shrimp culture ponds. In an effort to enhance this natural bioremediation process, the institute developed a probiotic product containing enriched consortia of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that are well suited for use in brackishwater aquaculture systems. Administration of water probiotic product CIBAMOX has been shown to reduce the nitrogen and ammonia levels, thereby improving pond health. The product has successfully been tested in commercial shrimp grow out ponds in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and has been proved to be effective in wide range of salinity. Both the WSSV kit and CIBAMOX products are offered for commercialization.

These products will be available through Agri Business Incubator (ABI) at ICAR-CIBA offers services like, preparation of detailed project report, consultancy to establish production facility and technical training following the transfer of the technology.