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Navsari Gujarat Research Centre (NGRC) of ICAR-CIBA organised a 2-day ‘on-field training’ for the post graduate and Ph.D. students of Aquatic Animal Health Division of ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai during 9th-10th September, 2022. A total of 14 scholars comprised of nine M.F.Sc. and four Ph.D scholars attended the field exposure training.

At NGRC-CIBA farm, the scientists explained the on-going research trails, pearlspot hatchery, nursery rearing and farming of commercially important brackishwater fin fish and shrimp farming. The group was given practical exposure on biosecurity, better management practices of shrimp farming and production risks in shrimp farming.

On the second day the trainees were taken to private shrimp farm (M/s Hariom Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd.) at Navsari, where they interacted with the farm technicians and acquainted with farming protocols of shrimp farming. Later, they visited the cage culture site of ICAR-CIBA at Singod village to acquire first-hand information on cage aquaculture.

The field exposure visit concluded with a positive feed-back from the students and thanked ICAR-CIBA for providing on-field exposure in brackishwater aquaculture. Shri. Jose Antony, Scientist, NGRC of CIBA coordinated the programme.