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The Mousuni Island “shrinking island of Sundarbans”, is one of the 102 Islands of the Indian Sundarbans which was severely devastated by cyclonic events.  Cyclones, in recent past, have changed the island’s salinity in homestead pond and agriculture land and made the land unsuitable for crop production. For improving their livelihood, KRC of ICAR-CIBA adopted Baliyara village in the said island under Scheduled Tribe Component to improve the livelihood generation of tribal families. ICAR-CIBA conducted on-site training followed by demonstration of nursery rearing of brackishwater ornamental fishes (pearlspot and scat), polyculture (Liza parsia, L. tade, M.gulio, Tilapia) in their homestead ponds and crab (Scylla olivacea) fattening in boxes. CIBA has organized an interaction meet with tribal farmers of Mousuni Islands, on 6th December, 2022. On this occasion, pearlspot brooders were released and tree was planted by Dr. Kuldeep K. Lal, Director CIBA.