Central Instrument Facility (CIF)

The Central Instrument Facility (CIF) of ICAR-CIBA houses state-of-the-art equipment and support facilities to help scientists and research scholars. The primary objective of CIBA’s CIF is to ensure access to sophisticated analytical equipment to entire research communities across the divisions of the institute and fair utilization of the equipment. CIF is created with a broader vision to facilitate research in frontier areas and also encourage the development of interdisciplinary research in the brackishwater aquaculture sector and its allied sciences. CIF is facilitated by pooling various instruments procured under various funded and in-house research projects. The laboratory facility is expected to promote collaborative research and capacity building in the brackishwater sector and its allied sciences. Access to CIF is extended to academicians and researchers from other institutes and industries, per the guidelines set by the ICAR-CIBA. CIF is expected to self-sustain by revenue generation for the upkeep and maintenance of the instruments. The CIF also hopes to expand the facilities each year, making it a core facility in the institute.

Application and guidelines for using CIF 



List of equipment available in Central Instrument Facility

S. No. Name of the Instrument
2 Real Time PCR
3 Gel Documentation System
4 Trans blot Turbo system
5 Gene pulse Xcell
6 UV Cross linker
7 Pulse Field gel Electrophoresis
8 Protean i12 IEF Cell
9 Power pack
10 Christ Freeze drier
11 Labogene Freeze drier
12 Sonicator
13 Cooling water bath
14 AKTA Protein purification system
15 Ultracentrifuge
16 Ice flake machine
17 High speed refrigerated centrifuge
18 Deep freezers
19 Scan Vac DNA concentrator
20 Freezer dryer for bulk drying
21 ICP
23 GC
24 Bomb calorimeter