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The fourth international day of Yoga was celebrated on 21st June 2018 at Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture Chennai. On commemorating the celebration of fourth international yoga day, Dr K. Ambasankar, Principal scientist and Nodal officer for yoga day, welcomed the gathering and gave a brief about the importance of yoga day and its celebrations at the institute. Dr K.K. Vijayan, Director, CIBA highlighted the significance of this yoga day and emphasized its relevance in today’s lifestyle. He further stressed that the theme of the international day of yoga is to be remembered not as celebration only but as an everyday basis and the staffs should make it as a habit to improve their health and fitness which in turn would pave the way for increased work efficiency in their careers.

Two guest speakers of eminence have been invited for the program at the institute. Dr Saravanan Palaniappan from MIOT hospital, Chennai with PhD from Manchester University and advanced training in cardiology from two world-famous centres in the UK gave a specialised lecture on “Lifestyle modifications and cardiac ailments”. He highlighted the changing scenario in the incidence of a heart attack in the present realm of life and lucidly explained the reasons and symptoms of a heart attack. He emphasized the necessity to take care of the preventive measures for the healthy heart through modifications in lifestyle and food habits. This lecture was followed by interaction session, wherein the participants clarified their doubt about lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stroke and heart attack, This lecture was followed by a theory cum practical session of yoga by Yoga guru and Reader from Government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College, Dr Indiradevi Subramaniam. She gave a detailed lecture about the genesis and different types of yoga and highlighted the beneficial effects of yoga and emphasized the need to practice this regularly.

The practical training session was started with yoga prayer and the entire common yoga protocol prescribed by the Ministry of AYUSH has been practised with the help of demonstrator and the yoga teacher. More than 100 participants from the institute participated in the program. All the participants felt the significance of this program and evidenced keen interest to do yoga regularly. This yoga day was also celebrated at our Kakdwip regional centre at West Bengal.