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The institute has organized a programme on “Smart Aquaculture- 2024” from 22nd to 23rd March 2024 to promote the use of recent technologies like, Artificial Intelligence and IoT in management of farm, water quality, feed, health and supply chain. The workshop was inaugurated Dr. Santhana Krishnan, CEO, Marine Technologies Pvt Ltd., Chennai and Dr. K.K. Lal, Director, ICAR- CIBA presided the function. Scientists involved in development of AI and IoT tools for aquaculture application from different institutes like, NIOT, SRM, Veltech, VIT, SSN Engineering College presented their work. The AI based start ups and business entities like Aqua Exchange Agi. Tech Pvt. Ltd., Andhra Pradesh, Aquaconnect, Chennai and Bariflo Cybernatics Pvt. Ltd., Odisha shared their success stories. Dr.P.Mahalakshmi, Dr.Ashok Kumar Jangam and Dr. M.Muralidhar presented their work during the program.

Expert felt that the decision support system provided by application of these technologies would help to reduce the cost of production, making aquacutlure environment friendly and improve the quality of the produce. However, many experts felt that the cost effectiveness of these technologies to small and medium sized farmers need to be worked out. The program provided the platform for interaction between the biologist, software specialists, data scientists and engineers and explored the possible joint collaborations. Some of the areas identified to start with  were geo-spatial maping for site selection, image screening for biomass estimation, laser systems for grading, digitizing farm level data, automation of pumps and aerators,  water quality monitoring this would help in remote monitoring, data driven decision making required for compliance certification and access to formal finance.

During the panel discussion deliberations on effective use of AI and IoT based technologies for aquaculture operations were made and a road map for future application of these technologies in shaping the development of aquatic food production in the country were conceived. The programme ended with distribution of prizes and certificates to the winners of essay competition conducted on the occasion and Dr. P.K. Patil, Principal Scientist & OIC, ITMU, ABI Cell of the institute proposed the vote of thanks.