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Dr. Suvana, IFS, Chief Executive, National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Govt. of India, visited CIBA  on 1st March, 2023 as Chief Guest to inaugurate a training course on Risk Management in Shrimp Farming organised for the officials of the insurance companies. In her presidential address she ariculated that NFDB has been working with Insurance Companies for developing a insurance product overa decade and it would support CIBA’s initiative in pilot testing of the insurance product. Later the CE accompanied by Smt. N. Chandra, Executive Director, NFDB visited Muttukadu Experimental Station (MES) of ICAR-CIBA to review the NFDB funded innovative seaweed project on “Demonstration of viable farming protocols for indigenous brackishwater seaweed species for income generation among coastal folks”. Dr. P. Nila Rekha, Principal Scientist and Principal Investigator of the project explained about the culture of 4 indigenous brackishwater seaweeds viz., Agarophyton tenuistipitatum, Gracilaria salicornia, Hypnea musciformis and Gelidiella acerosa using different methods like net bag, monoline rope, happa, raft and pond bed at different sites in Muttukadu lagoon a. The CE also inspected the experimental culture of brackishwater seaweeds in the hatchery and indoor facilities. Dr. J. Syama Dayal, Principal Scientist, NGBD, Dr. P. S. Shyne Anand, Senior Scientist, CCD Shri. R Aravind, Scientist coordinated the visit to the facilities at MES.