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ICAR CIBA celebrated 74th Republic Day on 26th January 2023 with traditional pride and honour to the country and the tricolour National Flag was hoisted by Dr.Kuldeep Kumar Lal Director ICAR CIBA, in which about 90 institute staff and their family members have participated. In his Republic Day address, Dr Kuldeep Lal appreciated the overall research performance of the institute and cautioned that no one should be complacent with what has been achieved so far and that the real challenge lies in the large-scale adoption of CIBA technologies by farmers and other stakeholders. He further stated that a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and other officials and staff need to undertake research and societal development projects like TSP and SCSP in all the major shrimp and finfishes growing States of the country. Dr Kuldeep Kumar Lal also highlighted the importance of farm diversification and the significance of millet in Indian agriculture and in the food chain and formally launched the International Year of Millets 2023 in brackishwater aquaculture based farming systems.

Dr B Shanthi and Dr D Deboral Vimala Principal Scientists of Social Sciences Division,  ICAR CIBA and their team made several arrangements like millet-based rangoli, display of all major and minor millets, sowing of bajra and ragi in model plots of CIBA HQ etc.,

In MES Muttukadu Dr K P Sandeep, OIC MES hoisted the National Flag and addressed the staff members and in Kovalam Experimental Centre Dr S Kannappan hoisted the National Flag and addressed the gathering. Barnyard Millet (Kudiraivali) based food item Pongal was served for breakfast for all in HQ, MES and KES.

Dr. Sanjoy Das hoisted the National Flag in KRC Kakdwip in which about 70 institute staff and their family members and SHG members participated. The millet-based food i.e., khichri made of pearl millet (bajra) was served along with refreshment packets on the Republic day.

Shri Pankaj Patil hoisted the National Flag in NGRC Navsari in which about 10 institute staff, and SHG members have participated. Bajra and sorghum grains were distributed to the SHG members for cooking and millets-based biscuits were served as snacks


Republic Day Celebration at Muttukadu Experimental Station of CIBA, Muttukadu

Republic Day Celebration at Kovalam Experimental Station of CIBA, Kovalam


Republic Day Celebration at Kakdwip Research Centre of CIBA, Kakdwip

Republic Day Celebration at Navsari Gujarat Research Centre of CIBA, Navsari