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ICAR-CIBA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MATSYAFED, Kerala on 23.01.2023 for the transfer of Pearlspot fish (Etroplus suratensis) seed production technology. Before signing MoU, scientific team of CIBA visited the proposed pearlspot hatchery site on 19.12.2022 at Palaikari Fish Farm, Chempu at Kottayam district, Kerala and assessed the suitability along with the MATSYAFED officials.  Technology support under this MoU covers technical assistance for designing and construction of pearlspot hatchery, broodstock maintenance, seed production and training of staff. MoU was signed at MATSYAFED Headquarters, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. During MoU signing, Dr.Kuldeep K.Lal Director, ICAR-CIBA highlighted the importance of upscaling the pearlspot seed production programme for timely supply of quality seed to the farmers. CIBA has developed modular tank based breeding technology for pearlspot seed production and cost effective functional feeds for specific life stages such as broodstock, larvae and grow out for adoption by the stake holders he added.  Dr.Dineshan Cheruvat Managing Director, MATSYAFED stated that through this MoU, the production of Pearlspot seeds can be increased to meet the increasing demand for expanding pearlspot farming in Kerala. Dr.M.Anil Deputy General Manager, MATSYAFED proposed the vote of thanks.